Edward W Batchelder

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I’ve worked as a writer and an editor for over twenty years in a wide variety of contexts—from book editing and publishing to newspapers and magazines to freelance work as a copyeditor, proofreader, journalist, arts reviewer, and writer-for-hire. Please click for a list of titles and companies I’ve worked with or for my references as an editor. You can also read more about my work experience and specialties below. For my resumé and my experience as a writer, please click in the column to the left.

Academic monographs and essay collections
I have extensive experience with academic and scholarly publishing houses preparing work for publication, but have also worked directly with authors to help them ready their manuscripts for submission.

Public relations and marketing materials
As an editor, I work to understand the company’s message and target audience, and then keep that message clear and consistent across all company documents.

Writing by non-native speakers
With years of experience in teaching English as a Second Language to students from all over the globe, I have helped writers achieve an English that is not just technically, but also idiomatically, correct.

Trade fiction and non-fiction
I have edited popular fiction and non-fiction, including self-help books, reference encyclopedias, social commentary, history, and more.

Multi-author documents
Whether it's websites, PowerPoint presentations, instruction manuals, or company reports, work that incorporates the input of different authors often suffers from structural inconsistencies. I provide a final overview that eliminates redundancy, highlights logical gaps, and keeps both terminology and graphic elements consistent.

Writing for hire
From public relations materials to guide books to on-line reference works, I work within the assigned specifications to produce documents that fit the requirements in terms of both content and style.

I’ve published extensively on the arts (particularly music), but have also written pieces on travel, politics, food, motorcycles, and other topics.

| Experience | Selected Titles & Companies | References