Edward W Batchelder

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Lynn Scheps (vice president, corporate communications, SRSsoft)
Edward has been working with SRS for over two years as a freelance editor. No written material leaves this office without his review—including press releases, articles, blogs, and letters. He is an impeccable proofreader and an excellent writer. Not only does he identify our grammar and formatting errors, but he often offers alternative ways of saying things that are more eloquent or forceful than the original. It is clear from his suggestions that he has developed a keen understanding of our industry, our position in the healthcare IT market, and the nuances of our marketing message. Recently, he has also been rewriting case studies and client profiles to ensure that they reflect our updated positioning. I recommend him highly (as long as he still has time for us!).

Debbie Mucciolo (implementation associate, SRSsoft)
I have had the pleasure of working with Edward Batchelder over the past year on a project updating SRSsoft’s user manuals. While my focus has primarily been on updating content, Edward has been invaluable in assisting with an editorial eye. Previously, SRS manuals were written by several individuals and were inconsistent in both technical instruction and style. Edward has been instrumental in creating a manual-specific style sheet, which we continue to maintain. The result is a consistency across all finished documentation.

Nicholas Frankovich (publications director, Society for American Baseball Research [SABR]; former managing editor, Fordham University Press)
Edward Batchelder is an editor whose work is characterized by razor-sharp logic, relentless consistency, and sound, informed judgment on issues relating to the big picture as well as to the most microscopic details.

Shona McCarthy (production editor, Random House Publishing Group)
Edward is a stellar copy editor and proofreader. I’ve thrust upon him the absurd and absurdly complex and he has treated both with the utmost respect and diligence. He is one of the most meticulous freelancers I’ve ever worked with and I trust that all projects in his care will be handled with refinement, even when a heavy hand is required. Edward takes into account every aspect of each project when editing, a talent that ensures that he will remain an asset and a tremendous force in helping me get the job done.

Barbara Campbell (program director, Intensive English Program, University at Buffalo)
Edward edited and revised the lengthy self-study document we submitted to the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation in 2006. This document was the culmination of eighteen months of collaborative effort by many different teachers and administrators, and Edward did an outstanding job of bring everyone’s “voice” together—catching redundancies, eliminating inconsistencies, and establishing a smooth and uniform style. I would have no hesitation about recommending him for any job that required consistency, thoroughness, and an attention to detail.

Mark Kalan (editor, City Cycle Motorcycle Magazine)
Edward is the most detail-oriented editor I've met. His enthusiasm for the subject matter was surpassed only by his knowledge of the English language. Edward's ability to place himself in the original writer's head and correct text with that voice was unmatched by any other editor I've worked with. I look forward to our next project together.

Bill Huffnagle (syndicated columnist, Biker Billy Cooks with Fire)
When I read your edit, it sent chills down my spine—you managed to cut the excess, tighten the language, and adjust the flow of ideas to exactly what I was seeking. All that and under the word count, too. Thank you again for trimming the fat and leaving the flavor!

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